Niihau Napali Coast Tour



Niihau and Napali Boat Tour: This exclusive trip is designed for people who love to be on the water. It begins with a continental breakfast as you cruise to the majestic Napali Coast with waterfalls, lush valleys, and sea caves. Then cross the channel to Niihau (the forbidden island) and Lehua for snorkeling (all gear included) and a gourmet lunch. Unlimited beverages and food will be supplied throughout the day and alcoholic beverages are available after snorkeling. If your an avid or aspiring boater, this adventurous day on the water is not to be missed!

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Niihau Napali Coast Tour

The Niihau Napali coast tour is an exclusive trip designed for people who love to be on the water.  With the fastest, most stable boat in the business, get to the action quickly in comfort and style. Start your day off proper with a hearty continental breakfast and coffee in route to the beautiful Napali coast. As one of the first boats to reach Napali, guests get an intimate early morning experience unlike any other. Napali is one of the great wonders of the world with four thousands foot cliffs exploding from remote beaches. Endless waterfalls pouring into the ocean, lush valleys, and sea caves can all be seen on the Niihau Napali boat tour. This time of day is known locally to be the most active for dolphin and wild life viewing.


The Beautiful Napali Coast

After ample time for sightseeing and picture taking offshore Kauai, the Niihau Napali coast tour crosses the channel to the ‘Forbidden Island’ and Lehua rock. Known for incredible water clarity and visibility, Niihau is a prime destination for snorkeling. Only one boat crosses the channel to ‘The Forbidden Island’ daily. Upon arrival the captain displays the unique geological features of this remote Hawaiian island. Quality snorkeling equipment, including prescription masks are included for everyone in your party. Expert crew also double as lifeguards, monitoring guests snorkeling activities from the water on large surf boards.


Get to the Action Quickly

Niihau Napali coast tour guests participate in a buffet style (vegetarian friendly) lunch including beverages. After the last snorkeler exits the water, it’s opens bar for the long ride home. Know one goes home hungry or thirsty. With a 65′ power catamaran built for the northwest Hawaiian waters their is no better way to open ocean travel. The vessel is equip with U.S. Coast Guard certified safety equipment, bathrooms for changing, dry indoor seating, optimal outdoor seating for sightseeing, dry storage, and open forward decks with trampoline.

Captains are trained naturalist narrating an open dialog of interesting local facts, lore, and cultural history of locations while on scene. Niihau Napali coast tour crew are experienced at capturing world-class photos for you and your loved ones. An all day boat ride to Napali then Niihau is sure to bring home a camera full of extraordinary images, so bring your big memory cards. Arrive back in port before 2:30 pm with a full days adventure under your belt. Marine life often seen on this tour includes: dolphins (bottle-nose and spinner), flying fish, sea turtles, Hawaiian monk seal, and humpback whales (in season).



The Crack- Niihau Island

Essential Information


Provided: Experienced crew with narration, safety briefing, continental breakfast with coffee, hearty buffet style lunch, beverages, open bar after snorkeling and the ride of a lifetime!



Tour Duration: 7-8 hrs


Tour Times: Daily

  • 6:00 am – 2:00 pm


Tour Prices:

  • $205.00 Adult
  • $139.00 Children (6-12)


What to bring:

  • E-Tickets
  • Barefoot tour
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Lightweight rain jacket
  • Camera with empty memory card and full battery
  • Change of clothes for afterwards to leave in car



1. No expectant mothers.
2. Not recommended for individuals who have or have had back problems, recent surgeries, or suffer from severe motion sickness (no refunds are given for sea sickness)
3. This is an adventure! Ocean conditions can vary and may turn rough at times. It may not be suitable for some folks (frail or physically challenged individuals are subject to Captain’s discretion).
4. You need to have all prescribed medication with you, i.e. Inhalers, Epipens, diabetic medication and/or any other medications taken daily. This is mandatory. These tours are far away from medical attention. Some things are out of the crew’s control (prescribed medications).
5. Children must be 6 years or older on snorkel tours.
6. All tours are “Bare-Foot”. No shoes are allowed on board. Passengers will remove their shoes prior to boarding. Only Orthopedic/Diabetic exceptions will be made at captain’s direction.
7. If passenger will be consuming alcoholic beverages an ID will be required on the vessel.
8. Alcohol will be served only after snorkeling.
9. Snorkeling depends on ocean conditions.
10. This tour will not land on shore


Power Boat: The 65’ power catamaran is the largest, fastest, most stable watercraft on Kauai. Designed and built on Kauai for Hawaiian waters, no detail was overlooked in its creation. The structure was built wide and low in order to create stability and contains a narrow reinforced hull shape to slice gracefully through the waves at high speed. Bathrooms are located on the deck, easily accessible by all with walk-in access. A fully shaded cabin with large ventilated windows allows shelter from the elements and storage for your gear. With two large 450 horsepower motors this boat is designed to get you to the fun faster with safety and comfort as the priority. This boat is licensed to carry 65 passengers, but we cap our guest count at 49.


Are you in good physical condition, with no major illness or injury that would allow you to go on a back country boat tour? Although safety records for these types of trip are very good, most water tours bring you far way from medical attention on Kauai. It is important to choose a tour that fits you as an individual.

Are you ready for an adventure? ActivityKauai.Com is a guide run operation and we do our best to get you accurate information. The goal is always to get the right person to the right tour. This is one of the most exciting, popular tours Kauai offers. With that being said the ocean in Hawaii can get rough. As long as you’re ready for the ride, your professional crew has seen it all; safety is their number one concern. Don’t miss this remarkable experience!

Do you suffer from severe seasickness? Usually an over the counter medication, when taken properly, will combat seasickness. But some are just not made to be out on the ocean(there are many great Kauai tours inland that involve water sport). Please be honest about your individual conditions.The crew will do their best to make your trip the most comfortable. No refunds for seasickness.

Do you love boating on the ocean, seeing wildlife, exploring remote coastlines, and adventuring? This is the trip for you. A 7 hour Napali and Niihau tour is an experience of a lifetime for any true water person!

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