McPhees Bees Kauai Honey

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Honey’s flavor and color comes from the particular flowers nectar in which the bees pollinate. McPhee’s Bees Kauai Raw Honey is a collection of nectar from wild tropical flowers such as mango, avocado, citrus, coconut, macadamia, and guava. Due to the natural environment of Kauai, this may be one of the richest, most flavorful kinds of honey that you’ve ever tasted!
Bee nurtured, Bee dedicated, Bee divine.

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McPhee's Bees

McPhee’s Bees Kauai Honey

ound deep in the jungle of the north shore, McPhees Bees Kauai honey apiary, is known for the richest most flavorful raw wildflower honey. Our girls work around the clock to pollinate this prime honey producing locales, exotic tropical forests. Every drop of McPhees Bees Kauai honey is made with love and passion for the symbiotic relationships of our natural environments. McPhees Bees Kauai honey is produced using, natural sustainable practices. Maintaining happy healthy hives is the key to maintaining happy healthy lives. Bee nurtured, Bee dedicated, Bee divine!


Amazing Flavor!

Manda McPhee, owner/beekeeper of McPhees Bees Kauai honey, loves her little honey bees and has a true passion for her remote jungle hives. She got hooked on the craft at first glance inside a beehive. Her intrigue and fascination with hive vibrations has grown into a career over the last 12 years. McPhee’s Bees Kauai honey apiary locations are carefully selected to produce the richest, most flavorful wildflower honey on the Garden Island.


Passionate Keepers

Farm to table restaurants like Hukilau Lanai and Oasis on the Beach also use this honey for specialty cocktails and menu items. Nani moon mead, Tiny Isle Kauai chocolates, other local goods businesses use delicious honey to sweeten their products.  Taste what makes McPhees bees Kauai honey divine.


Raw Honey Comb

Kauai Honey Wedding Favors

Interested in 2oz. wedding favors? This is a classy way to share an unforgettable gift with your wedding party. After your loved one finishes the treasure inside, these small quality jars make good for storage. Your guest will never forget personalized labels created for a flat fee of $25.00. Wedding party orders have a 20 jar minimum.


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Kauai organic Honey

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This family size 12oz. honey jar is a great addition to an meal!
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Planning a wedding? Looking for sustainable wedding favors to share with guests? Treat your guests a divine sample of organic Kauai honey! 20 Jar minimum
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