Kauai Zipline Tour



Ziplining has emerged as a global, eco-friendly adventure sport! This south shore Kauai course ranks as one of the highest in its class. Unlike any other course we’ve used to date, we can boast Kauai’s longest line, guaranteeing quality, scenery and post-tour buzz!

From concept to completion, this is the most exhilarating, sturdy, and picturesque zipline course on the island.

Every industry safety standard was not only secured but was also exceeded, allowing the safe thrill of this landscape adventure to rush through your body as you glide over, above and through a variety of forests.

Please choose tour options below:

Epic Kauai Zipline Tour

The Kauai Zipline tour we offer covers a large area of diverse terrain on a breathtaking and remote area on the south shore of Kauai. You will glide through lush green vegetation like subtropical Albizia, you’ll soar through open mountainsides of native Aluhe fern, and fly with views of the ocean and Waita Reservoir. This course offers the longest lines of any Kauai Zipline tour on island, with a total line length of one and half miles. The longest line, covering 2500ft, is guaranteed to knock your socks off as you soar over Waita Reservoir, the largest interior water body in all of Hawai’i!


Fly Like a Bird!

When it comes to family outings, honeymoons, and corporate retreats there is no better team building experience on the island. A Kauai Zipline tour is the safest, most exhilarating way to step outside the comfort zones of your daily life and spread your wings. Tours can accommodate groups of twelve on the course at one time. In one day this course can facilitate up to eight tours. With the best guides in the business, this Kauai Zipline tour will keep you coming back for more. Usually the folks that are the most intimidated wish they could do it again. Your team will benefit from sharing the adventure.


A Family Affair


Eco-Tourism is the future of sustainable tourism for Kauai. Feel good knowing that you can take part in a captivating new experience, while having  little to no foot print on the land which we all cherish.  This Kauai Zipline tour will show you an amazing piece of property that can only be seen by reserving a seat on the excursion. They also hold the property in high regard by doing educational programs and reforesting the native habitats of the area. Don’t miss what could be the highlight of your vacation! Reserve your seats today!!!


Explore One of  Kauai’s Most Beautiful Properties the Only Way You Can!


Essential Information

Provided: Guide, helmet, 5-point harness, zipiing safety gear, expert instruction, snacks, juice, water and an adventure of a lifetime!


Tour Duration: 3.5 Hours


Tour Time: Mon-Sun

  • 8:30 am-12:00 pm
  • 1:30 pm-5:00 pm


Tour Price:

  • $139 All Zippers (7 and up)


What to Bring:

  • ActivityKauai.com E-Ticket
  • Hair pulled back or braided
  • T-shirt/long sleeve(no tanks)
  • Pants/long shorts
  • Sturdy close toed shoes
  • Sunscreen

Age requirements:

  • Minimum age to participate 7 years old accompanied by an adult guardian



  • People with back problems, recent surgeries, bone/joint problems, and or heart conditions
  • Weight restriction of 70-270lbs (guests under 100lbs can do 3 lines alone and 5 lines tandem with guide or guardian)
  • No Pregnancies


Does the thought of flying through the air like a bird scare you? After years of guiding thousands of zippers, there is one thing all guides have in common. They love taking out intimidated first time zippers. The “most” apprehensive first timer zippers(AFTZ) always have the “most” fun! This sense of accomplishment has you riding a natural high for weeks to come. Usually AFTZ’s are ready to do the course again that day! We offer discounts for doubling down on our course within the same vacation.

Do you love being safely exhilarated? Ziplining is the safest way to fly!

Do you want to get great pictures of your family, friends or new spouse in a five point harness, totally out of their element? Done

Do people see you as someone who tries new things? Here is your chance to get a safe, great new experience!


Huge Lines


Old Koloa Sugar Mill

In ancient Hawaii, sugarcane was a valuable crop grown in small patches for subsistence agriculture. It became a monetarily valuable commodity with the influx of missionary settlers in Hawaii and subsequently historic Koloa town was built around the sugarcane industry. The Zipline tour is located on the south shore’s Grove Farm property. This area was an early destination for sugarcane agriculture due to its proximity to hydroelectric power, an open trade port, and the surrounding fertile soil. In 1835, Koloa town became one of the first successful plantation towns surrounding Koloa Sugar Mill. In the first year, only twelve acres of cane were planted due to conflicts of labor and land rights. The first mill could only produce a small amount of sugar due to the technology of that time. As their wooden rollers wore out and were replaced by steel, production steadily increased as the years went on. Growth of the Koloa’s sugarcane industry created the first large-scale globalization of the Hawaiian Islands. Migrant workers traveled from many corners of the world to work in the field around Kōloa. In 1912, the larger Koloa mill was built in the current location where it now stands abandoned.

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