Kauai Hiking Photo Tour



Come experience Kauai’s best photography activity for yourself! This tour comes highly suggestion by our guides and is the best bang for your buck on Kauai. With a small group size and expert instruction, the photo tour brings undeniable value to the novice, and inspiration to the aspiring or expert photographers. These breathtaking photos were taken throughout on the tours offered. Give yourself the opportunity to share your gift with a loved one.

Please choose tour options below:

Guest Names, Ages, and Camera Type

Please provide first name, last name, age and camera type of each guest. 5 Guest Example: John Smith 20 Nikon – DSLR, Julie Smith 18 – IPhone, Jacob Smith 55 – Canon digital, Janice Smith 52 – Canon film, Elenore Smith 75 – I-Phone

Kauai Hiking Photo Tour

With small intimate groups of seven, every Kauai hiking photo tour guest receives an individualized experience. Guides are incredibly knowledgeable about flora, fauna, history, language, and culture; they also are professional, working Hawaii photographers. This “A” team lives and breathes photography as a lifestyle and their passion is relayed to their guests. Whether you are a first time photographer or an accomplished, Kauai hiking photo tour guides are patient instructors that have a wealth of knowledge to share.


Learn to Compose Shots Like the Pros

The tours cover a wide range of the island between the east side and north shore. Even travelers who’ve been coming to Kauai for years will see new beautiful locations, just off the beaten path; a place they never knew existed. Tour locations offer intimacy even in the peak season of Kauai travel. Our guides suggest taking this tour early in your vacation to learn about these epic locations. This way you can return on a free day.


Capture Wildlife

Each of the 6-8 short hikes offers a unique aspect to the Garden Island. Learn  the techniques commonly used by professional Hawaii photographer to take advantage of light, composition, and the natural beauty of Kauai. High-end camera rentals and polarizers can be rented from the shop upon check in. If you are interested in taking the next step to a DSLR, this is a great way to try out some equipment and get helpful hints from a professional.


Essential Information

Provided: Expert photographer guide, camera education, transportation to hike locations, snacks and drinks, photographs to last a lifetime!

Tour Duration: 6 hours

Tour Times: Mon-Sat

  • 10:00am – 4:00pm

Tour Price:

  • $119.00

Lunch: No Host

  • Please bring $12.00 per a person for local eatery of guides choice

What to Bring:

  • ActivityKauai.com E-Ticket
  • Close toed shoes with aggressive tread
  • Walking poles (optional)
  • Hat
  • Light weight rain jacket (we tour rain or shine)
  • Bug spray
  • Sun screen
  • Camera with empty memory card and full battery



  • No bad knees, hips, ankle or any other injury that could effect guests from hiking short, possible steep and slippery slopes


The Kauai hiking photo tour does encounter some steep and occasionally slippery areas. The hikes are relatively short and very easy for Kauai standards. You do not need to be an extreme hiker, just healthy and active.


Do you love hiking and taking pictures in new beautiful tropical environments?

Do you want to share a stimulating day with the whole family for the right price? Kieki to Kapuna (children to grandparents) can ride along on a public tour that caters to the physical ability( hikers) of the group (we suggest private with families).

Are you looking for an intimate, meaningful experience that could prove to be the highlight of your trip? This is the tour for you!

Do you want to see some amazing secluded spots that few travelers and many residents won’t find on their own? This is a great trip for sight seeing and even better for photographers!

Is your camera good enough for the trip? We see everything from I-phones to full format DSLR’s used. Rentals are great for taking the next step in photography. There are no stupid questions; guides will be attentive to your new camera skill needs. Bring, buy, or rent polarizers; it’s a game changer for capturing the turquoise waters and vibrant reefs.

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