Local Kauai Businesses


Local Kauai Businesses


Do you love Kauai? We do!

Support local Kauai businesses!   Your part helps support the culture of this small island paradise! Kauai hosts a skilled population of professionals, local store owners, craftsmen and craftswomen. Try one of these quality Kauai businesses when you are looking for a professional service or a local product. Experience the uniqueness of the Garden Island, and the quality of the “Kauai products”.   Shopping at locally-owned Kauai businesses is unparalleled to that of any corporate marketplace chains on island.  How often do you get to meet the people who make the product or provide the services you desire?  You can do that on Kauai! The island’s rural culture lends itself to great experiences due to a relatively small population.


To tell you a little about our local business folk, the owners and their families work directly in the business or service you request. When looking for a gift, a product, or a service, its best to use the Kauai Businesses the locals do. This way you have a face or a reputation directly connected to the product or service of your choice. These people themselves ensure quality service, products, or experience to their customer. Due to transient competition, local Kauai Businesses have to work extra hard to uphold a standard for long-term success of their products or services. An added bonus is that all of your purchases for local services and products stay right here in the community and helps facilitate the beautiful culture, which we all love!  Please support Kauai businesses owned by our local families!


Think Global, Shop Local!

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