Kauai Local Knowledge

Kauai Local Knowledge

What you need to know before your next Kauai vacation


Acquiring Kauai local knowledge is the best way to plan an authentic experience. ActivityKauai.com’s Local Knowledge section teaches you Kauai 101. Learning the basics will help fine tune vacation planning, while getting a more genuine experience on the Garden Island. A great vacation starts with education! Knowing the important facts is the difference between being a tourist or an informed traveler.

Stay safe, have fun, and eat like the locals on your next holiday


Farmers Markets


When in Rome, do as the Roman do. When on Kauai, eat like the locals. Visiting a farmers market is sure to be an educational experience. Most travelers are blown away by what grows in paradise! The Garden Island is a melting pot of flora from around the world. Due to the diverse climates of Kauai, a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers are grown here. When in Kauai, eat like the locals and enjoy fresh organic goodies from the Aina(land). Any traveler who visits a farmers market will greatly benefit from the experience provided. This may be the easiest way visitors can get exposure to the real Kauai culture.


Ocean Safety


Kauai Ocean Safety is a hot topic. Kauai has some of the highest drowning rates in the country. The best way to have fun and stay safe is to seek out local knowledge about water safety. Every day the conditions change on every beach, so its good to know the daily conditions and ask for county life-guard advice. Don’t be scared of our oceans, but visit our shorelines with respect for ocean conditions and manned with the knowledge you need to stay safe.




Hukilau Lanai Food – Photo By: Keri Cooper

For the foodies of the world, Kauai offers a good variety of food options. We try to advocate for farm or ocean to table experiences. This idea of local sustainability is a rapidly growing concept since 2010. More and more great restaurants are sourcing food from organic local farmers. Check out our extensive list of Kauai restaurants to learn more about great dining opportunities while on island. Many of the best restaurants do require reservations, so having this Kauai local knowledge before arriving is key.


Hawaii Weather


Travelers follow local weather forecasts weeks or months leading up to their big trip. We often hear about traveler anxiety surrounding the weather. The weather in Hawaii can not be predicted like weather on the mainland. This is due to our geographic location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The islands make their own weather as trade winds pass by the area. A typical forecast is 50% chance of rain daily. Is that what we actually see? No. Learn more about what makes paradise weather unique. ActivityKauai.com’s indefinite weather forecast: partly cloudy, partly sunny, and always beautiful, with 100% chance of rainbows and waterfalls! This would be the most accurate forecast we have seen for Kauai.


Health and Safety


Know who to call in the unlikely event of an emergency and find out the most common ways travelers get themselves in trouble. Have more questions about local knowledge? Give us a call today at 1-800-380-KAUAI(5282).

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