Give Back


Giving Back To Kauai


Kauai is a caring, loving and giving culture. By clicking below on one of these highlighted organizations, you can discover a variety of ways to GIVE BACK to the Garden Isle. Engaging in or contributing to local non-profits and community programs constructively enriches the place in which you visit or live.

Giving back provides the opportunity for a more local experience, as residents and travelers who participate in these rewarding experiences take away a deeper sense of place. They also network, meet other contributors, make local connections, and enjoy the real Kauai lifestyle. Giving back is important to our community and great way to create an unforgettable experience.

An Easy, Fun Way To Add Value To Your Vacation

Unlike many destinations in the world, Kauai is an island, and resources are treated with the utmost respect, as are our neighbors. Whether you area of interest is in nature, people, or our four-legged friends, there are many opportunities to share your support to continue to make Kauai one of the most breathtaking destinations to travel to. Giving back can take on many forms.

For many, the idea of volunteering their time surpasses any monetary contribution they could make. For others, opening up their wallets and their hearts is the best way for them to support a cause near and dear to their heart. Whatever your preference, we encourage you to give back to the beautiful island of Kauai. Any physical or monetary offering will be graciously accepted and never forgotten. Bring the spirit of ALOHA into your own life and into the lives of many who live and love Kauai.

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